Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oscar Night: James Cameron Wins Nothing; Jesus Loves You After All

by Jenny from the Blog

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards were held last night.  It was a great event as usual: a bunch of badly dressed celebs crammed in a room, recognizing movies we've never really heard of, a few we have and positions in the film making industry we didn't know existed.  Also, James Cameron won a bunch of crap for his movie, Avatar.

Actually, he didn't.  Remember how I wrote a few weeks back that James Cameron is king of the world and he'd sweep the Oscars with his stupid blue lizard people movie and there was nothing on earth you could possibly do that James Cameron hasn't already done better and you should just drown yourself in a giant pool of melted butter and let James Cameron eat you because you'll never amount to anything remotely useful as long as he's around?  Well, turns out I was wrong.  Sorry about that.  My bad.

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